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Tanisha Caple

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"For the rest of my days, I aspire to play make-believe; to never limit my imagination; never abandon this creative space I call home."


-Tanisha C.

Tanisha Caple is an up-and-coming writer, actress, and activist from Cleveland, Ohio. Caple moved to Los Angeles after receiving her Bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University...

My Story

Monologues from Someone Like You


SELF-REFLECTION is no ordinary, sweetheart monologue book. Instead, it's the book that finally goes beyond the surface with raw, honest stories.


SELF-REFLECTION has 32 edgy monologues written by one woman; for all women. Each unfiltered piece provides a unique perspective on both the hilarious and heartbreaking trials of today. So whether you are an actress looking to book a role on a sitcom, auditioning for a theatre program, or just a curious reader looking to be entertained, this book is for you. 

Women, it's about time you read from a relatable voice—your voice.

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