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The Writer

Tanisha is a writer with an edge. The artist enjoys dark comedy and gritty dramas. However, if a story is honest (regardless of the genre), the creative is ready to open Final Draft and go! 


​Caple started writing poetry as a child, which soon led to her interest in the performing arts. Upon graduating The Ohio State University, she worked in marketing as a content coordinator while also pursuing an acting career. However, as she noticed a lack of representation for actresses of color (including herself), she decided to quit marketing and follow the arts full-time to create more on-screen opportunities for all. 

Tanisha utilized her previous experience in marketing and poetry to create scripts. Not only did she find others interested in using her projects, including those involved in the 2017 ABC Discovers Talent Showcase, but the artist uncovered her love for storytelling in multiple forms. The writer recently published her first book, SELF-REFLECTION: Monologues from Someone Like You, which consists of 32 (comedic and dramatic) short monologues for aspiring actresses. 


Writing Skills 

  • Hour-long dramas

  • Half-hour sitcoms (dramedy) 

  • Short films 

  • Scenes 

  • Monologues

  • Blogs/articles/web-content/marketing content 


Monologues from Someone Like You


Ready to write

Want to collaborate on a project?  Reach out to Tanisha today (writing samples per request)!

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